IAF Commisioning

Many moons ago in my days as an ATE Programming Engineer at Siemens Plessey, I wrote numerous programmes to test the various digital signal processing boards that decipher the information received from the radars. One of these projects was to deliver AR327 military defence systems to the Indonesian Air Force. We also supplied supplied CTS90 ATE systems with a full suite of programmes, allowing the IAF to support and maintain their systems.

After 25 years, I find myself returning to my roots as an ATE programmer. Helping TeroTest commission new ATE hardware onsite at the air force base in Solo, Indonesia.

HSBC Ring Fence Bank

HSBC’s new ring-fenced bank is now live, what a remarkable achievement and a huge piece of work that was successfully delivered on time by the programme.

Working as Programme Test manager for the Commercial Bank my test team focused on three sub workstreams Digital, Trade and Other. This encompassed customer-facing web applications, business internet banking and mobile apps. Global trade solutions and data management and warehouse platforms. These applications were used to generate the stimulus required to facilitate the product based testing for the logical separation of the new bank.

I’d like to thank all my colleagues for a job very well done, it was a challenge and a half, but we pulled through together and we should be very proud of our achievements.



Out with the CMB management team on Earth and Moon ring-fenced bank programme. Pune India, working with our 3rd party suppliers CAP Gemini for the ring-fenced bank HSBC business internet banking delivery, onsite in their offices and the HSBC business bay. Then back to Hyderabad for meetings with the eChannels delivery teams. Always appreciate these trips to really get to know the teams and cement the bonds of trust for a quality deliverable.



After many years and countless programmes and projects, my work at ShopDirect has come to an end. Working with them through business optimisation and transforming them from a catalogue based, to a world leading global digital retailer had plenty of challenges. Call centre applications including bespoke IP telephony software development and payment processing, logistic solutions, product management and stock management. E-commerce website integration with a multitude of new and old technologies. A remarkable place to work, with a fabulous staff and very fulfilling experience in all.

Very proud to have been a part of the transformation.

Good times!