Another one bites the dust!

My last day within the BRC today, project Eagle certainly had its challenges but a great team saw us pull through and get the job done even with the complications of CV19! The bulk of my time was spent working from home, so I start the day with an early morning walk; hence the picture. It was great to get down to Bristol and see everyone for the project closure and a few beers. I say it every time but there were some stars that were invaluable and made the project one to remember.

So the CV-19 pandemic hits

Looks like my travelling to Bristol will be put on hold for a while, as one of the first cases of Covid 19 has been reported by a parent at Burbage Primary School.
Maybe time to invest in a new chair for the home office 🙂

Now for something a bit different

Happy to accept an opportunity to work HSBC’s Business Review Center in Bristol, moving away from IT delivery to work closer with the Business on a large remediation programme.
Always good to work and learn in a new environment and the challenges that it brings. A bit of a longer commute though! 😉

Digital Privacy Framework

Continuing with HSBC in Sheffield, working on a digitial privacy framework project ensuring the correct treatment of prospective customers data. Sad to move from Griffith House, certainly the end of an era, but loving the new Grosvenor House building

Last day on the BREXIT programme

It’s been an eventful year and great to have been part of such a capable team. The Branches have now all been migrated and are operating under HSBC France, regardless of what happens with our political indecision in the UK, HSBC’s European operations head office is now in Paris and isolated from any further wranglings.

There were ups and downs, as with all large programmes, but everyone pulled together and the implementations went exceptionally well. I’ll miss my colleagues and extended team members at the branches.

Last breakfast in sunny Sheffield for a little while until I come back in June for another assignment.